Kolkata Bidhan Nagar Mela

Kolkata Bidhan Nagar Mela- The Global Handicrafts Market

Have you just been to your neighbor’s house and fell in love with the Egyptian wall hanging? Well, now you need not visit Egypt or pay a high price online to get such exquisite handicrafts and wall hangings; just be at Bidhan Nagar handicrafts fair, popularly known as Bidhan Nagar Mela. Held every year during January, it runs almost a month and is a perfect New Year gift to the city.

Egyptian Paintings
Elegant Pakistani Onyx Inlays

Traders from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Turkey have gathered at the Bidhan Nagar Mela 2016. While the stock of delicious dry fruits of Afghanistan attracts food lovers to their stalls, the grace of the Turkish mosaic lamps beckons people passionate about art and craft. The stalls of Egypt are as varied as their culture. While the paintings and sculptures represent the rich culture of Egypt, the small pyramids and sets of Egyptian wine glass glitters under the afternoon sun.

Illuminous Turkish Lamps
Yummy Pickles
The Golden Beauty

If you are in love with saris, a visit to the stalls from Bangladesh is must. With their infinite stock of Dhakai Jamdani and silk, these stalls can be your excuse to start puja shopping! Get wonderful gift items at the handicraft stalls of Pakistan. From onyx marble showpieces to large marble statues, you will be spoilt for choices here.

Gorgeous Bangladeshi Saris
Sparkling Souvenirs From Egypt
Classic Carpets


Precious Egyptian Showpieces

Last but not the least; you have numerous Indian handicrafts to fulfill your shopping spree. From soft hand woven carpets to embroidered pashmina shawls and salwar suits, you cannot ignore the magic of Kashmiri handlooms. The magnificent jewelry designs of Kolkata, clay toys from Krishanagar and lip smacking pickles from Suri represent Bengal at the Bidhan Nagar MelaBengal.

Colourful Bengal Clay Art



Delicate Mirror Work

Tired of shopping? Just sit and relax to enjoy cultural programmes organised everyday at the ground. The rides not only enhance the glamour of the fair but also are a fun place to the kids. Hence soak the warmth of winter sun filling your bags with precious antiques at Bidhan Nagar Mela.

Cultural Programmes
Exhilarating Rides


A spiritual journey to Deoghar


Deoghar, the cultural capital of Jharkhand, is a gem of Incredible India. If you are looking for a short weekend trip, you can visit this city, encircled by green hills and free-flowing rivers. The place is easily accessible via train and roadways.

Natural Beauty of Deoghar
Natural Beauty of Deoghar

Deoghar is a pilgrimage for the Lord Shiva devotees. Throughout the holy month of “Sawan” devotees in saffron attire carry water from the sacred Ganges, at Sultanganj to the Baidyanath Dham to worship the Lord; the temple is known to house one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Baidyanath Dham is of great mythological significance as Lord Ravana worshiped Lord Shiva here to gain supreme power.

Baidyanath Dham
Baidyanath Dham

You can visit the temple on rickshaws or enjoy a rare ‘tanga’ ride, that is, a ride on rickshaws pulled by ponies. Time seems to revert to the old days as the ‘tangas’ move through the narrow lanes of Deoghar.

Before entering the temple you can bath in the pious and cool waters of Shiv Ganga; the temple complex is at the banks of this river. There are adjoining shops where puja offerings can be purchased; the priests of Baidyanath Dham, popularly known as ‘panda’ guide tourists into the temple to offer puja. Be ready for chaos as you enter the temple.

Besides the Shiva temple there are 21 other temples at Baidyanath Dham, temples of goddess Parvati, Kal Bhairab, goddess Kali and others; the deities are sculpted from black stone. There are many photographers here assisting tourists to capture the memorable moments with Baidyanath Dham at the backdrop. If you want to avoid chaos and crowd you can visit the Basukinath Temple, at Dumka, just 40 km from Deoghar. This shrine is also dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Baskinath Temple
Basukinath Temple



Get a glimpse of the simple lifestyle of sages at Tapoban.  Surrounded by dense forests, this is an ideal place for meditation. There are several temples here where puja offerings are of beads.



Trikut Pahar is a paradise for trekkers. This majestic hill is visible from a distance as a green landmark of Deoghar. The Trikut Hills is the natural habitat for monkeys. If trekking is not your cup of tea, opt for the ropeways to reach the peak. It is a thrilling experience as you pass over the rocky hills and mottled greenery.

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Rock Art @ Trikut
Rock Art @ Trikut

Naulakha Mandir is often visited by locals and tourists. Constructed with a lump sum 9 lakhs by Queen Charushila, this amazing architecture resembles the Belur Math temple of Kolkata. Dedicated to Radha and Krishna, the temple is decorated with breathtaking sculptures.

Naulakha Temple
Naulakha Temple

Girls cannot resist wearing the multi-colored beautiful bangles sold at the streets of Deoghar. You can also checkout the rare antiques available at the Government store of Santhal handicrafts, located near Baidyanath Dham.

Colourful Deoghar

Colourful Deoghar

If you are visiting Deoghar at ‘Sawan,’ you can have only vegetarian food here. From hot and soft rasgullas, cool and creamy rabri to refreshing lassi, you can satisfy your sweet tooth here. The aroma of mouthwatering pera floats in the air of Deoghar.

Deoghar Sweets
Deoghar Sweets

Hence drive to Deoghar this weekend to redefine your way of living.